Remotely Control Promotions on Millions of Phones.

Imagine that you’re a business with a mobile app that your customers keep on their phone. Now imagine that one of your customers is walking near a pizza place and suddenly receives a coupon on his phone for a free slice. Or, imagine your customer arrives for his long-awaited family vacation and is automatically sent a free day pass at the resort’s water park.

How much might the pizza place, or the resort, pay you for such a promotional opportunity?

Smart Pilot makes such opportunities quite easy to create. Depending on the target market and function of your apps, there are some very exciting ways to engage customers and collect revenue from advertisers.

Location Awareness

With live, location-aware advertising, ads can be controlled and updated remotely by system administrators and users will see ad content contextualized to their surroundings. As you can guess, there are many exciting possibilities with location awareness!


Advertisers can submit a coupon for various promotions through your company’s apps. Users can then save the coupons on their phones, and use them at their convenience. There are a variety of coupon delivery and authentication methods at your disposal.

Time-Bound Advertisements

Ads can be distributed or activated at different times of the day. For example, a special dinner offer could be sent only in the afternoon or evening, or a mall may choose to advertise only on the weekends.


Data is collected for each user in regards to the ads they click, choose to save, delete, etc. This information can be further analyzed to determine a pattern for users and deliver contextual promotions that are deemed most effective. Such valuable information can elicit a high premium from advertisers for your business.

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