Smart Pilot is an extremely efficient system for building and managing mobile apps.

We can either design and build apps for your business, or we can teach your business how to build them using our system.

Upgrades, crucial changes in information, new promotions, and new functionality can all be created on the spot by our team or by your quickly trained admins.

Web-Based Interaction

The Smart Pilot system is accessed through your web browser, from anywhere you’ve got an internet connection. A simple account is created from which either our staff or your staff can build your apps.

Graphical Interface

No coding is required to develop your apps… it’s more like painting, except your painting can instantly be in the hands of thousands of customers.

Instant Cross-Platform

Substantially reduce your costs by translating your app across all major mobile platforms instantly.


Using a modular architecture, we activate different components for you as needed, such as audio or video functionality, live chat features, web connectivity, advertising, etc.

Intelligent Advertising

Your app can generate substantial revenue using Pilot’s Intelligent Advertising System. Using location-based ads, advanced targeting, and extensive feedback and statistical reports, you can sell ad space to other companies or promote your own specials. Learn more here…


With our analytics reporting, you can discover a great wealth of information about your customers and target market.

Content Management

Enjoy a simple content management system (CMS) from which you’re able to update information in real time and beam it instantaneously to every user. Did you just switch to a new 800-number? BOOM! Now all your customers have that information at hand.

Easy Deployment

Even distribution can be taken care of by Pilot. At the launch of your app, arrangements will be made to deploy it in the top channels for each platform, such as iTunes and Blackberry’s App World.

Instant Website

Every app receives its own public website generated automatically with a download link based on which device is accessing the site! When your customer visits the site on her Blackberry she’ll get the correct download link and software details for her phone.

Community Store

Gain extra exposure for both your company and your app. Just by being part of the Smart Pilot community, your app will be showcased in the Community Store and viewed or purchased by thousands of users.

About Us

Smart Pilot is a web based mobile application builder that builds multiple platforms at once.


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